Khlopkoprom-Celluloza LLP

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Production of cotton absorbent, cotton cellulose and technical carboxymethyl cellulose from cotton-containing raw materials.

Khlopkoprom-Celluloza LLP is the only manufacturer of cotton absorbent, cotton cellulose as well as technical and purified carboxymethyl cellulose from cotton raw materials in Kazakhstan today. The Company produces any brands of specified products and quality characteristics under individual order of certain technical parameters that are necessary for each individual customer. 95% of the output is exported to Russia, Eastern Europe, China, etc. In 2013, the Company took the third place in the Republican exhibition-contest “The Best Product of Kazakhstan” in the nomination “The Best Production Goods”. A third production line is scheduled for putting into operation in 2015 to expand the production of purified carboxymethyl cellulose and polyanionic cellulose.