Region advantages


The population of Shymkent city is more than1 million people


The main railway lines connecting Siberia and Central Asia pass through Shymkent


Flights to major cities of the world are made from Shymkent International Airport


250 days of sunshine per year


Motor Road Corridor Western Europe - Western China allows to deliver goods from China to Europe in 10 days


Public utilities in the SEZ are cheaper by 25% than in Shymkent city

О регионе

The special economic zone “Ontustik” is located in the city of Shymkent. Shymkent is a city in the south of Kazakhstan, one of the three cities of the country having the status of republican value; is a separate administrative-territorial unit, not part of the surrounding area. Shymkent is the third largest city in Kazakhstan. The population of the city of Shymkent is more than 1 million people. The area of ​​Shymkent today is 1170 square kilometers. The city consists of four administrative districts.